About Us - Villa Forestata

The Ionian Islands became part of Greece in 1864. Until then, the seven islands and the islets were under several States’ occupation among the centuries.
The longest period of their occupation was under the Venetian Empire until 1810, when they became part of the British Empire.

Libro D’Oro – or the Golden Bible – was a Venetian catalogue that used to host all the Names of the Venetian nobles, members as well of the Big Council. From this exact Bible the administrators of the Democracy were chosen to rule.
The first Libro D’ Oro of Ionian Islands was actually created in Kefallonia Island – the biggest Island in Ionian Sea - while in 1542 the Libro D' Oro created in Zante. In 1593, the new Libro D’ Oro was written again in Kefallonia Island.

Tipaldos family was one of the oldest families of the Roman Empire. The first descendant of this family that ever inhabited on Kefallonia Island was Comte Collela Tipaldo, in 1370. He got married and his family grew. Through the years, Tipaldos family was evolved and plenty of Branches were born.
After many years, in the 18th century, Theodore Tipaldo - Constantacato was married to his 4th wife and in 1750 their son Evangelo was born. In that period of history, the church could not recognize as legal a fourth marriage. Based on that Legal parameter, Evangelo’s biggest brother named Gerasimo, from his father’s “official” wife, brought him to the court accusing him, that he could not actually be recognized as a legitimate son of his father.

Evangelo, was so offended from this attitude, that despite the fact he was about to win the court, he refused his own name. So, he gave to himself the name Foresti, which in Venetian means “stranger”. Some descendants of him, were moved to Lefkada Island, so they were also written to Libro D’ Oro of the Lefkada’s Nobles.

Another important personality of Foresti family, was Spyros Foresti Tipaldos that he was elected as The Greek’s Parliament President when Eleftherios Venizelos – this exceptional personality – was Head of State.

The Foresti’s Mansion, since the 18th century, located at the exact same place that now over welcomes its guests, was unfortunately destroyed from a severe earthquake. Foresti family, as a due to all this inherit , to the Architectural history of Kefalonia island and also their Mansion, as a tribute to all these historical facts that their family created through the centuries, decided to use all the main structural parts to their new complex , consisted of 14 residences.

Nowadays, Foresti family is literally the vivid memory of those exceptional personalities and this important dynasty. Their characteristic hospitality, their simplicity and their deep culture, will give you the essence of life back in the 15th century. The music at nights, the magical scenery of Kefallonia all around and the tastes from their cottage, will truly remain unforgettable to you, as unforgettable is the name Foresti…